Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Blogging Month ~ Part 1

     I'm very sorry that I haven't posted for so long, I've been really busy visiting with family and friends. So, I'm going to do Blogging Month in two parts rather than four.

     First day (Just having left home, my brother stayed behind): It hurts to do something that you once enjoyed with another. I then began to think of the word enjoyed. We normally think of it as a very passive thing, but if you try to separate it at the right point (en-joyed) it suggests putting joy into something. I realize that this is a better way to think of it, because then we can remember to enjoy things that we do not naturally have fun doing, such as a long drive.
     Second day: Pretty much same.
     Third day (I got sick, having a fever): I found that your really can enjoy anything, if you can find a reason. Being a writer, I found that I could use my fever to learn what it truly is like. After all, a fever is a common symptom of sickness, as well as when a bad injury is received.
     Fourth day (my mom realizes that I could have dengue a mosquito-carried disease that includes fever, as well as bone-ache): I found that I could simply trust in God that is was not dengue, and I was rewarded for my trust when I found that I simply needed to drink more water. I also realized that worry and doubt are not the same thing. Everyone worries, which is simply to wonder what could happen and perhaps be fearful, but doubt is when we do not trust in God, and doubt whether or not He can or will help us.
     Fifth day (I have begun reading Pilgrim's Progress): I find that allegories don't work very well when trying to translate physical life to spiritual life.
     After this, I have no notes or clear-cut memories as to what happened when, but I also came to the conclusion that the rush and stress of American life is not healthy, and that I am certainly not made for it. I've also learned that compromises must be made, not only with others, but with yourself. For example, me and Vi would like to be roommates when we grow up. Well, she certainly isn't moving down to rural Mexico, now is she? And thus I have made the compromise with myself that I will not return to Mexico as soon as I had hoped, but instead will send the beginning of my adult life in America as Violet's roommate. Though, I suppose, most people simply call this "picking the best option".