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Here I have different stuff about my books and the characters in them, or the ones that are floating around without a story or world.




Dracoknight series:

Dracoknight book one:

This is the one I'm working on right now. It is about Selone, a young Dragon, who finds that a Shirka, the blood-enemies of the Dragons, has managed to enter the Dragons' land unnoticed.

Dracoknight book two:

The sequel to number one. It has a new main character and takes place many years after Selone's time. Kiof discovers that one of the members of the Dragon Council is a spy for the Shirka. Will he be able to prove it?

Dracoknight book three:
This one takes place several generations after Kiof's story. Sonvi truly has the worst fortune. He was born without scales or hearing, preventing him from flying or doing anything else a young dragon should do. Despite this, his older sister, Jenrameena is determined to help him prove himself.



Holding Hemlock:
In a world where dragons are considered vile and evil, a girl finds an egg. Rather than killing it, as she is supposed to, she decides to raise it. Despite the adults trying to kill it, and the baby’s wickedness, she is determined that it will not only live, but become a loving, caring person.
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Magic in the Sewers:
This is an urban fantasy idea that I got, and it will probably be a series. Ruby Bell has been in the foster care system since she was four, but that is not the most unusual thing about her. People rarely argue with her, finding what she says, particularly when she is angry, to be very persuasive. Even animals seem to be affected. She soon learns that she is not the only one with strange powers, and that if she wishes to survive, she will need to learn to control hers.


Ruby Bell:

The main character of Magic in the Sewers, she is an orphan who has become callous and angry. She no longer feels fear, instead becoming angry. She has dark red hair and is quite tall.
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Cory is a shape-shifter. Despite the fearsome creatures he becomes, he is actually quite shy and meek.
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