About Elisabeth

To start I'll tell you a bit about my history.

My parents became missionaries to Mexico nearly twenty years ago. My brother Isaiah was born in Washington state, which we still visit, as was I. However, the only home we have ever known is Cofradia, a very small rural town. To illustrate what it is like, my mom says that when people from America think of farming they think of big tractors and machinery. We think of several young men with machetes.
Barely six years ago my parents had my adorable little brother, Kai (Malachi), the first to be born in Mexico. Me and my brother take care of him like a second pair of parents, and we love him just as much. Since his birth I've learned that there's no place I love Cofradia. This is home, and I am quite simply happy here.

People you're likely to see me reference are: Violet, one of my friends from the States and a fellow writer, Alex, another friend, Chupa (Angel) who is my "adopted" brother, Anna who is his wife, and Milan (Josie) who is their adorable little two-year-old. In real life I call my older brother "Brother", but I'll try to be clearer on here.

My interests are sort of varies, sort of very narrow. I love books, fantasy best with science fiction right behind. I love Star Wars and Lord of the Rings, as well as Halo. I'm writing a fantasy novel about a dragon, I write poetry sporadically, and me and my brother are trying to write a Choose Your Own Adventure Story, make video games, and translate them as well. We've procrastinated all of these quite successfully.

As for my beliefs, I'm a non-denominational Christian, possibly because I know nothing about denominations. I'm a feminist in the way that my mom defines it, which is "Someone who believes that women are people too". I'm planning on staying single, like the apostle Paul.

You can follow me on Twitter at @ElisabethGTK.

On LinkedIn I am Elisabeth TenBrink Kelley.