Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Blogging Month ~ Part 2

     My thoughts are less organized this time, as I didn't have time to write them down. However, me, my mom, and grandma went to Forks, Washington (where Twilight took place). It was an amazing place, and we learned that Stephanie Meyers had been there only a week earlier, on Bella's birthday. Realizing that I could have met a successful author was very interesting, and I realized that I would have loved to. I have thought very little about the Twilight books, largely because I don't like romances, and it was even more enforced by how much those on the One Year Adventure Novel forum hate it. I realized that I had come to find the writer ridiculous as well. I realize that that isn't only unfair, but a very wrong thing for a Christian to do. And, as a writer, I should respect my fellow writers. So what if I thought that the Dragons in Our Midst series was laughable? That doesn't mean Brian Davis is. So what if Lois Lowry got her math way off in the Giver? I should still respect her. I'm very glad to have learned this.
     Also, my brother has been in Mexico while we were in the States, and he ARRIVED!!! It truly is wonderful to have him back.

     Finally, I have been thinking a lot about the future, in many ways, such as whether or not to go to collage and which dreams aside from writing I should invest my time in. I'm still uncertain of whether I should pursue music in any way, though I do want to keep making video games. I might also want to make videos, but I don't know if I should.

     Another note, for those of you who write too, I recently got a book on Kindle about being a self-published author that is really good, (and teaches formatting!) called The Manifesto of Independent Writing & Publishing. It's free right now, though I'm not sure if it is going to stay like that. I should also warn you, he does use some swear words.

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