Thursday, October 10, 2013

Some Changes

     So, I've been reading about how to make a good blog, and have come to the conclusion that my blog doesn't fit anywhere near that category. Perhaps my only worthwhile post was the one of my poem. Because of this, I am going to re-vamp my blog, give it new color, style, and purpose. I'm going to making things brighter because this seems too dark, and I'll make it more paper/scroll themed. however, the important part is that I will now be posting only things of good value. I will still post book reviews, but my other posts will now be purely poems, book excerpts, or other things related to my book. So, if anyone is reading this, do these changes sound good?

     Given that this is the last time that I will be posting anything but very large events of my life, I'm glad that I get to tell you this: my little brother Kai lost his first tooth! Last night we were eating smores and he said that his tooth moved when he bit stuff, so he stopped eating. (More sense than I'd expect from him, considering those were marshmallows he had stopped eating) A while later he declared, "My tooth fell out!" I now have it in a Ziploc bag. :)

     The other two things I have to say aren't as happy. The first is that my older brother left at 9:15 today to go hunting with his grandpa for two weeks, and as I am writing this at 9:38, I already miss him.

     The last, is a request for prayer for, complicated, things happening with the little girl I call my niece and her family.

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