Saturday, July 27, 2013

Book Review: Song in the Silence

       Song in the Silence is a good beginning to a series, as it introduces a likeable main character as well as several great side characters. The good guys are believable and don’t seem plastic; they aren’t perfect, some are even slightly questionable. The villains are believable as well: they don’t trust each other and they are only out for themselves.
       The protagonist, Lanen, has dreamed of going to the fabled dragon island and meeting the dragons, but when her chance comes it turns out to be more wonderful, and quite a bit more frightening, than she would ever have guessed. The plot is surprising but believable, and doesn’t hedge a bit.
       This book is great for dragon lovers and those who like a strong female protagonist. This is, however, for slightly older readers. While not at all graphic, it does touch on some mature topics, mainly just acknowledging that they happened. The writer is Christian, and her book reflects that, though They have different names. (Shia, the Old One, and the Laughing Girl of the Waters.)

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