Friday, November 8, 2013

Never mind

Never mind the last post. :P Yeah, I should be consistent, but I decided that I like my blog the way it is, and I'm not ready for what I was thinking anyway. Seriously, I don't even like the book I'm writing, and have no intention of publishing it. Besides, from what I heard it's best to release a book every six to nine months (I'm self publishing, by the way) and I can't write and edit that quickly, so when I've got a couple of books ready I'll just make a website and have the "attention grabbing" stuff there.

Huh, that's rather short, I suppose I should write some more. Well, I'm hoping to finish my book by December, and then I'll be starting on a dystopian book. I'm also thinking of starting a blog where I'd host writing competitions after we move up to the United States, which should be in April.

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