Sunday, November 24, 2013

The Lesser Kindred- Book Review

     I suppose I've given you guys enough time to read Song in the Silence, so here's the review for the second one.
     This book is a wonderful continuation; is completes what is expected, brings in new plot pieces, and leaves enough for a third book. A new subplot is brought in that revolves around several very enjoyable new characters.

     While the second in a series is often the most boring if not well done, The Lesser Kindred doesn’t lose any of the urgency or interest; the latter actually increases. In this book the light of villainy moves to Berys, and we find his plans getting more frightening and far-reaching than before.

     Once again, this book is for dragon lovers and those who like female protagonists, and particularly if you are female yourself, though not exclusively. This book is for those who are over thirteen at least, as it contains a little language and mature subjects, so consult your parents if you are a minor.

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