Wednesday, December 18, 2013

True love and stuff

     Hello. Yeah, I know, I missed my deadline. I probably will consistently. For some reason my interest in this blog has plummeted. (I've got some hunches on why, I'll tell them later) I've got a lot of other things to do, too. I need to edit Violet's book, and a friend from the forum asked for me to edit his, and I'm doing one for my first fan, Kylen. Also, I'm starting a contest blog with another friend of mine from the forum named Catsi, (possibly why my interest has dropped) and I'm planning to start one for review sometime in the future. Other future plans include starting my next novel (after Christmas) and learning how to do copyediting. Or is it copywriting? Whatever. Anyway, that all means that I'm going to post less often. I'll still post, though.
     Oh, in terms of news, we announced to the church that we are leaving in April, so... Well, it went better than I thought it would. Mixed feelings of course, but now it's less of having a ton of conflicting emotions, more that emotions don't seem to want to come. My stomach kept hurting every time I thought my dad would say it though. The Christmas event my church does is coming up. I wonder what I'll do. As clarification, during this event each person is allowed to go up on the stage to sing a song, say a testimony, whatever. Last year I did a poem, (quite the experience, I'll relate it later) but I don't think I'll do that this time. But I do want to do something. Maybe with my brother. What can I do that isn't poetry? I write books of course, but I'm not good at writing in Spanish (not sure if poetry or prose is harder, haven't tried prose) so I don't think that'll work. Besides, I need very specific inspiration for short stories, otherwise they turn out terrible. I won't have a recorder by then, and certainly not time to practice. The musical kind, not the electronic. What other talents do I have? I've never sang other than in church and with my brother (we do Simon and Garfunkel pretty well, too) and me and him don't do it in Spanish. Heck, maybe I will do a poem.
     Okay, to the story I promised. Last year I decided I wanted to write a poem about Christmas, and I also decided that I needed to feel Christmas, and thus experience it, before writing it. We open presents in the morning, and the service is at eleven or ten (Mexicans celebrate Christmas Eve rather than Christmas, kind of like us doing Halloween rather than All Saint's Day, [Halloween comes from All Hallow's Eve, the old way of saying All Saint's Eve] so it isn't problematic for them) so that meant that I had to write it in the last minutes before we left. I wrote it on my computer and emailed it to myself to have on my Kindle, and did a few edits. Once it was my turn I got up (and discovered the meaning of stage fright) and began to recite. I consulted my Kindle because I hadn't had near enough time to memorize it, but halfway through it, my Kindle died. Managed to finish with only one mistake (I reverted to the original version, but it didn't mess up the rhyme) and got down. I felt terrible. My head was all cold and my vision was funny like sometimes when I get up too fast. (You people with low blood pressure know what I mean, your vision kind of clouds over and your head feels funny) It took a lot of time to go away. I'm so glad Henia came up and told me it was great. (She's the wife of one of the other missionaries, but she's from Cofradia) That was wonderful, and I was worried that it had been awful. (A note here, poetry is different than other writing types in that knowledge of the language is not enough. I've lived in Mexico nearly my whole life and am fluent, but I can't understand Mexican poetry. I get the words, but I can tell I'm missing something, and I don't get the feeling I do when I read poetry in English)
     Wow, that was long. Anyway, as I wrote this (about when I started explaining our church's Christmas event) I found that I liked this. So apparently I won't be dropping off. I won't stick to a schedule (Heck, I might post more) but I'll still post a good bit.

     Oh, and if any of you were interested in the contest blog (I'm not certain how many readers I have, the only one I know is Josie, and I know that you know about the blog already) here's the link:
     We're still setting up, (if you hurry and check out the "About Us" page you can see what I put for filler) but Catsi'll be running a little start-up contest from my friend Josie's prompts. Our first full contest will be to make our top illustration which is currently an image Kylen sent me to show me a color. Yes, Josie, we want you to participate. :)

So, as for the "true love" thing, it was something I realized when reading a poem. There isn't any such thing as the true love that Disney made up, but there is true love as in love that is true, and that is love that is unconditional, and applies to children and siblings way more often than romantic partners.


  1. Another note, I'm using this as a testing ground for a ad program for the contest blog, so ads may appear here.

  2. And I just realized that I forgot completely to mention what I meant in the title, I'll add that in.