Sunday, December 22, 2013


Hello! So, this is the second day of our little vacation outing to Puerto Vallarta. Here is the order I will explain things: yesterday: why, haha, THE EVENT, the envelope; today; breakfast, teens, beach.


     So, our friends (they will soon have a BABY! Well, not so soon, you wouldn't guess that she's pregnant) invited us to join them on their second honeymoon. (the first part was in Canada, the second part here) Our plan is to stay two nights, pick up some friends of ours who used to be missionaries, and come back.


     While we were driving (we were using the church's van because our Jeep is too small to carry our parents, Brother, and my little brother Kai, plus them and their son Jonathan) we got onto the conversation of the rearview mirror, which has a writing on it that has confused me since I first entered that van, which is "82,000 serive". I had previously conjectured that perhaps it was "survive" spelled wrong. (though I had forgotten that survive had a "u") It turned out that Dave, the husband in the family we were picking up, had written that to tell the church how many miles is should go before getting maintenance, or, as he meant to put it, service. We're gonna bug him about that.


     So, as we were going, we gave Kai some yogurt drink with medicine mixed in because he always gets car sick. (Seems like we'd prepare better for this *shrugs*) Anyway, it turned out the medicine was all at the bottom, and the moment he got to it he started complaining that it tasted terrible. He was half spitting it out, half letting it fall onto his seat, and I could tell something was wrong. Suddenly he threw up, and not a little bit, gushing. Three or four times he threw up with it (I'm feeling sick right now, ugh) coming out like that, then it started calming down. At the first whiff I nearly joined him, but managed not to and we pulled over quickly enough to let him spit outside. Seriously, he didn't throw up a single time after that. Mom started cleaning up and brother helped her, me and dad were just trying not to breathe, and Kai was jabbering about how happy he was to go to a hotel. (How can you recover that fast? And why pick now of all times to decide you like sleeping somewhere other than home?) By some miracle mom thought to put some of the body wash she had brought on it. Oh, that may have saved us. Needless to say, those of us who could moved further back and we drove with the windows down.

The envelope

     So, the friends of ours gave me an envelope for the whole family (they gave it to me because we were in our hotel room, not our parent's, Brother was blowing up an inner tube, and Kai was not an option) and I decided to bring it along with us when we went to see the movie (just now occurred to me to amend the previous table of contents a second time, but I'll just tell you about it later) because I wanted us to open it on one of the inevitable times we would have to stop on the way. (Kai needed new shoes, he had taken them off in the car and subsequently filled them with throw-up.) I at some point handed them to my brother along with some napkins, he told me he put them in the funky tray thing they have to hold drinks and popcorn, and in short, we left it. While we were in mom and dad's hotel room I realized it. There was a general sense of, well, doom. We had no idea how to get it back. I suggested that the lady who took those tray things might have noticed that it was in there and would have taken it to lost and found, but there wasn't much response. We went to the hotel room, and, too be honest, I cried. I felt so terrible that I had lost it that I cried as I prayed to God to somehow bring it back. After a bit I decided to trust Him and be cheerful even if He didn't bring it back. At most thirty seconds later (seriously, I had just come out of the bathroom and gone into the room) when the phone rang. I knew that God had answered. (As for the phone, my brother did) He said that mom had asked that he come, and less than a half an hour later they came back with the envelope. Turns out it was in the garbage in the theater, but they got it out. Not a single time have I earnestly prayed to God has He not answered.


     To put things simply, it was awesome. Our friend were staying at a different hotel, but we got a day pass to be there (it's an all inclusive) and it was amazing. The breakfast buffet was amazing, I got tea, and Mexican hot chocolate, and crapes, and all kinds of stuff. And a bird stole a sugar packet, which Kai loved. What occurred to me that day was that I want to someday have a lot of money, so that I can pay for my friends to go to a place like that. Seriously, we have some friends who do stuff like that for us occasionally, and that's what I want to be able to do.


     Met some teenagers today. (I know not the most astounding thing to do, but the people I meet are all fairly similar, being Christians coming down to do children's ministry or build something.) There was this floating trampoline thing in the water at the beach and we all just sat there talking for a while. I learned some things, one of them being that some teens swear for no reason whatsoever, while others don't. Yeah, I should know this before now, but I rarely meet non-Christians.


     Well, between the sand and the terribly rough pools, it seems that some of my sunscreen was rubbed off, so I have burns in patches. The front of both my legs are awful. >.< I hate sunburns. However, we did have fun. We buried most of Kai, then most of me. Because I had my lefts crossed in the funky meditation pose I ended up looking like most of a corpse, according to our friend.

     So! The movie. We saw The Desolation of Smaug in 3D. To be honest, I thought it would be awful. I hadn't seen a single serious movie in 3D, so it didn't seem like a great idea. But it surprised me. When they weren't trying to make gimmicks out of it, (Seriously, Peter Jackson? Stooping as low as gimmicks? You are one of the two directors who's names I know and you stoop to gimmicks?) it was pretty good, particularly with Smaug! However, it was rather blurry.
     For my spoiler-free version, let me start by telling you I didn't like the first one. It included Radagast (who isn't even mentioned!) and makes him an idiot with poop on his face. (He is a wizard! He is respectable! He just finds animals to be preferable to the thinking races, which I am occasionally inclined to agree.) I could nitpick that movie to put CinemaSins to shame, but I'm not going to. I'll simply say that it was terrible as an adaptation of a book. However, throwing the book aside, it's a different story. With that perspective, I thought it was a nice movie. Not amazing or wonderful or incredible, but certainly nice.

     From here on out I will not refrain from spoilers, so beware! Still from the standard of no book, I liked that they didn't have the whole thing in English. There are parts in Black Speech and parts in the Elven of Murkwood, whatever that is called. They added a nice part with Fili or Kili (It's hard to tell what they're saying, and the subtitles were in Spanish, so I tried not to read them because that just confuses me) having a romance with an elf, which I liked. They also included Legolas (XD He's not so thin anymore!) and made a love triangle which has not played out yet.

     Okay, this is not a spoiler. SMAUG IS AWESOME! It was aweing how they did Smaug (they don't pronounce it as smog, though, but rather as smaoog), simply his size, and of course in a theater you have amazing surround sound! He strangely only has two legs and then uses his wings as front ones, which seemed a pointless deviation, but he was still cool.

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