Friday, August 16, 2013

Sharp Pens

     Have you ever seen a cause or a call to action that touches you? Not just you think "Yeah, this is a good thing they're doing.", but really touches you, and makes you think, "I want to be a part of that." I saw one recently, and I am sure that God is calling me to it. Truthfully, I think that He is calling every writer to it, though not necessarily from this particular organization. (How thrilling that word is, concidering we are only a couple of teenagers!) Yes, that's right, it is an organization of about five teens from the One Year Adventure Novel forum, but we will grow much larger! All ready there are many other writers interested. We aim to make Christian writing that challenges our culture, that truly edifies those who read it, and at the same time be quality writing. I can't explain it any better that our brilliant founder, Ms. Dougall, so I won't try. If you want to see what she said, check here.
     I have taken up the challenge to write a SO WHAT? book, and I hope that you do too. Even if you are a non-writer, I hope that you keep us in mind, so that if you ever see a book bearing the SO WHAT? symbol, you know what it means.

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